Lefki Papachrysostomou



After a Bachelor and Master degree in Classical Literature, Lefki Papachrysostomou obtained in France a Doctorate on Ancient Greek Theatre, and specifically on the staging of Greek comedy . She then left the academic world so as to focus on theatre practice. Her meeting with the Serge Martin Drama School in Geneva was to leave a mark on her . She graduated from the School and a year later returned to teach Dramaturgy.

Parallel to her teaching commitments, she works as an Assistant Director and Dramaturge to numerous directors in Geneva and directs the Alma Alba Theatre Company projects. Each of her projects is carried out by a multi-disciplinary team of artists and explores a social phenomenon juxtaposed to a theatrical text. In this sense, feminine revolt meets Antigone, women’s social solitude meets Histoire d’hommes and the rise of the extreme right in a Greece in crisis meets The Bacchae and Jung’s theories on the Shadow of Man.

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Lefki Papachrysostomou, Stage Director